On Demand Tarping & Board-Up Services

24-hour emergency tarping and board up services.

Allow us to assist you in minimizing damages and halting further leakage with our prompt emergency tarping service. Our emergency roof tarping and board-up services offer the following advantages:

  • Prevention of Additional Damage: By swiftly addressing the issue, we put an immediate stop to further harm to your property.
  • Leak and Flood Prevention: Our services prevent leaks and potential flooding, safeguarding your property from water-related risks.
  • Pest and Insect Exclusion: We keep out hazardous pests and insects, maintaining a secure environment within your premises.
  • Energy Conservation: Our solutions minimize losses in heating and air conditioning, optimizing energy efficiency.

Our team expertly positions tarps with sandbags, ensuring they’re secured while awaiting inspection by your insurance carrier. Prior to and after our intervention, we capture detailed photographs of the roof’s condition, including interior damages if needed. This documentation expedites the processing of your insurance claims with most insurers. Furthermore, if necessary, we are equipped to provide estimates for both damages and tarping services—please refer to our additional services section.

  • 24/7 Availability: In-house, dedicated tarping and board-up crews are available around the clock to respond to your needs promptly.
  • Insurance Collaboration: We collaborate seamlessly with your insurance company, ensuring a smooth process and necessary approvals.
  • Immediate Security: Swiftly secure windows and/or doors, providing you with a sense of safety and protection.
  • Thorough Cleanup: Our services include comprehensive debris cleanup, leaving your premises in impeccable condition.

Should you be considering an insurance claim, our collaboration with your insurance company ensures that necessary approvals are obtained prior to the commencement of our services. To facilitate this, kindly provide us with the name of your insurance carrier and the contact details of your agent as part of your service request order.

We appreciate your selection of On Demand Tarping, a service proudly offered by Inspection Depot Inc.